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    For the Love of Tink

    I'm a midwest girl with a big heart. I like my Malibu Strings and WW wear or nothing at all. I'm very laid back and easy going. I love horses and dogs. Interest are art and photography, oh I love dancing too. Hope you enjoy my pics.
    led by Tink 13

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    Highlands Jen

    Join my group! It will let me keep in touch, and I'll send the occasional wee treat :)
    led by Jenny Asher

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    Las Vegas Strings

    A group dedicated to those crazy Vegas weekends and those that like to do photo shoots with us in Sin City.....
    led by Stephanie M

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    Sarah Clayton's Fan Page

    I wanted to create a place to share with you when I will be traveling, updates to my website, take photo requests and blog updates.
    led by Sarah C

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    Validation Required

    To join this group requires validation. To gain access you must post a validation photo of you wearing a MS bikini holding a piece of paper with your username and the date you posted it. Entry will only be given once validated. You can be sure that the me...  more
    led by Amber & Mr C

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    A specially dedicated group for Karamella fans to contribute their support, feedback and fun photo/video ideas towards improving and developing her modelling lifestyle and journey.
    led by KARA MELLA

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    Temptation Resort Guests

    A group to discuss progress on the construction, future trips, and other information about the adult playground in Cancun!
    led by Rick N Mandy

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    Who Wants Who?

    This group is only available to MS contributors. Here you will be given the opportunity to say who you would like to do photo shoots with. If you are traveling then you can say where and when you will be going and invite other members to meet you. We req...  more
    led by Yummy Niki

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    I like to share the story that goes with my photo. I think it adds a personal touch and could help us all get to know each other a little bit. If you want a place to include a story in the description of your photo so we can get some good conversations st...  more
    led by Jasmine Grace

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    Bold exhibitionist

    A group for string wearers of all ages who love being seen and sexy
    led by Eli Johnson