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    Couples Only

    Place for couples to meet one another. When approved please upload a picture of you and your significant other. Please have your picture as your avatar. If you have the default with no information under "info" in your profile and no pictures, you will be ...  more
    led by Angela C

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    Naughty Jenna

    Hi All...join my group to see private pics of me.
    led by Jenna M

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    Naughty BEACHBUMS (.)(.)

    Just a group to post your naughty pics that may be too hot for the masses. Enjoy and let those cameras start flashing!!! You must either be a couple or a girl in order to join the group. If you don't have a profile pic you will not be able to join.
    led by BEACH BUMS (.)(.)

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    Fans of the Lifestyle (Couples Only)

    This group is for those sheer bikini loving couples who have found they enjoy the intimate company of other couples without the deception. It's called the "lifestyle," or swinging, or friends w/benefits...Please see rules for admission to the group:
    1) R...  more
    led by Kerri Heelcrazy

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    Malibu Strings on Vacation!

    Share your vacation photos and let us know about your favorite resorts and locales!
    led by Kristen K

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    Bi Girls Who Wear Malibu Strings

    Assuming I'm not the only bi woman on here, I thought this would be an interesting forum to meet like-minded women/MS enthusiasts.
    led by April M.

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    Dylan's Darkroom

    Turn the lights down low
    (Profile and Community participation required for invite)
    led by Dylan <3

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    Lis' Lair II

    Welcome to the bigger and better Lair! Just getting started, but come on in and we can discuss anything you wish. Come in and share your best stories and photos with the other members of the group.

    This group is designed for single ladies and couples wi...  more
    led by Alissa J

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    KJs' Beach

    A place for all the friends and fans of KJ!
    led by KJ Slim

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    Where is everyone from?

    Let's find out where all MS girls are from!!
    led by Malibu MeMe