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    Turn the lights down low
    (Profile and Community participation required for invite)
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    Welcome to the bigger and better Lair! Just getting started, but come on in and we can discuss anything you wish. Come in and share your best stories and photos with the other members of the group.

    This group is designed for single ladies and couples wi...  more
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    A place for all the friends and fans of KJ!
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    Let's find out where all MS girls are from!!
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    like the tan lines?
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    I know that everyone here is looking for ass and i open that group for see what we post here .....
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    What a wonderful combination, don't be shy... post your boating pics here !

    No pics, no join - its simple !
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    Like bare feet? You came to the right place! There's nothing sexier than a MalibuStrings clad woman prancing g around in her sexy bare feet!
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    A place for Aussies (and others) that love to wear or admire those that wear MS gear, share your best locations in OZ for photos, even arrange group shoots or social stuff for the Aussies here.
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    Starting up my fan group! Stop by and say hi!